McLean Area Wellbeing Division offering free sexual wellbeing gift sacks in February

BLOOMINGTON — The McLean Area Wellbeing Office, 200 W. Front St. in midtown Bloomington, will offer packs loaded up with free condoms and ointments this month out of appreciation for Public Condom Week (Feb. 14-21) and Valentine's Day.


2/7/20241 min read

Sexual wellbeing instructive materials are likewise accessible, and staff can examine sexual medical problems and deal center administrations to the individuals who are intrigued, as per a news discharge.

"Any season you can stroll into the wellbeing division and bring back home different free condoms and lube, no inquiries posed," expressed Geri Stuart, head of the wellbeing office clinical wellbeing administrations. "These exceptional packs that will be accessible around Valentine's Day not just bring consciousness of this everyday help, they likewise give the valuable chance to advance our center administrations and open a discourse about safe sexual practices."

Albeit various free condoms and lube are consistently accessible at the wellbeing office, the exceptional sacks may be accessible while provisions last.

As indicated by the Places for Infectious prevention and Avoidance, the paces of physically sent contaminations, for example, gonorrhea and syphilis have expanded from 2017 to 2021 and are at record-undeniable levels.

The wellbeing division transmittable illness facility offers classified testing and treatment benefits paying little mind to pay, sexual direction or health care coverage status. This incorporates free earthy colored sack "pee and escape" tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia, blood tests for pregnancy, syphilis and HIV, and case coordination and advising for the individuals who test positive for HIV or are living with it as of now.

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Pre-openness prophylaxis, or PrEP, administrations are accessible for the people who are HIV pessimistic and need to stay pessimistic.

Visit Illness Facility or call 309-888-5435 for more data about the transferable infection center.

Visit or call 309-888-5396 for more data about the wellbeing division's HIV program.